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Re: Frame resizing causes a crash

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Frame resizing causes a crash
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 01:23:36 +0200 (CEST)

> address@hidden (Riku Saikkonen) writes:
> > I reported the following bug here about a week ago, but haven't heard
> > anything on it since. Could someone try to reproduce the bug, so that
> > I know that it's not only my Emacsen that are at fault? In particular,
> > it would be nice to know if the current CVS version has this bug...
> Thank you for your report.  I used today's CVS (GTK toolkit) and was
> able to reproduce the bugs you describe.  I'm not knowledgeable on
> redisplay things, though.  So we just have to wait until one of the
> redisplay hackers has time to work on this.

I've added a new function to calculate window sizes when a frame
shrinks.  There was a bug in that small windows at the top was
resized to a negative value (that means delete this window).  The
negative value is then used to calculate the position of the next window
which is why there was confusion.  Also, when a window was deleted because
it would be too small, the amount of resize needed was not distributed
among the other windows, so the remaining windows where too big for the
frame.  In this example, Emacs needed to shrink all windows 11 lines,
but the smallest one atop was only 4.  So instead of shrinking 11*3 +
1 reminder = 34, we got 4 + 11*2 + 1 reminder = 27.

Anyway, the new implementation tries to keep the number of windows intact
as long as possible, shrinking larger windows instead until we really
need to delete a window.  Please try this version and see if it looks OK.
BTW, this is in CVS head only.


        Jan D.

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