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Re: dired-ls-sorting-switches

From: era
Subject: Re: dired-ls-sorting-switches
Date: 19 Oct 2003 14:41:41 +0300
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On 19 Oct 2003 13:26:11 +0300, address@hidden posted to gmane.emacs.bugs:
 > On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 05:40:31 -0400, <address@hidden> posted to
 > gmane.emacs.bugs:
 >> Dired mode fails to honor the value of dired-ls-sorting-switches.
 > <...>
 >> The help for dired-ls-sorting-switches indicates that it controls sorting
 >> used in dired mode.  That help is as follows:
 >> Documentation:
 >> String of `ls' switches (single letters) except `t' that influence sorting.
 > It appears that you misunderstand the meaning of this variable. As per
 > a check against the source, it appears to be an internal variable for
 > keeping track of which option switches for ls, when present, will need
 > special handling because they will affect the sorting of the listing.

Here's a proposed patch against the current CVS. (See attached diff.)

Maybe this is a bit of overkill but at least some clarification and/or
disambiguation would be good to add to the doc string IMHO.

/* era */

--- /etc/cups/printers.conf~    Fri Jun 13 10:15:29 2003
+++ /etc/cups/printers.conf     Tue Oct 14 14:00:22 2003
@@ -1,6 +1,15 @@
 # Printer configuration file for CUPS v1.1.14
 # Written by cupsd on Fri Feb 14 13:38:35 2003
-<DefaultPrinter htc4>
+<DefaultPrinter htc5>
+DeviceURI smb://eriker:d3ltr33/address@hidden/Floor5_Canon1
+State Idle
+Accepting Yes
+JobSheets none none
+QuotaPeriod 0
+PageLimit 0
+KLimit 0
+<Printer htc4>
 DeviceURI smb://eriker:d3ltr33/address@hidden/Floor4_Canon1
 State Idle
 Accepting Yes
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