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Multi_key and dead keys under irix 6.5, emacs 21.2

From: Ingo Bremer
Subject: Multi_key and dead keys under irix 6.5, emacs 21.2
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:24:54 +0100


under sgi irix (6.5.13m) the XK_Multi_key and the dead_keys are
not working in emacs-21.2.

the reason is a difference between the run-time behaviour
of XmbLookupString and the description in the manual:

XLookupNone       No consistent input has been composed so
                            far.  The contents of buffer_return and
                            keysym_return are not modified, and the
                            function returns zero.

in fact, after pressing Multi_key ' a we have status_return == XLookupNone
AND nbytes == 1 with the correct latin1-character "รก" in the buffer.
my little patch helps emacs to deal with this situation

patch for 
eamcs-21.2/src/xterm.c near line 10449

        if (status_return == XLookupNone && nbytes >0) { /* should not appear, 
                keysym = NoSymbol;
                else {
                      if (status_return == XLookupNone)
                      else if (status_return == XLookupChars)
                          keysym = NoSymbol;
                          modifiers = 0;
                      else if (status_return != XLookupKeySym
                               && status_return != XLookupBoth)
                        abort ();

best regards

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