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From: adsf afff
Subject: emacs
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2003 20:38:51 -0800 (PST)

 I have this problem when I issue the command emacs

$ emacs prog/tnd.pl
Warning: Cannot convert string
*-*-*-*-iso8859-*" to type FontStruct
Warning: Cannot convert string
-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1" to type FontStruct

emacs window opens up and the letters are all
converted to squares. that is all what I can see.

#emacs -font fixed
will open emacs and can read but not fixed the problem
since #emacs still shows boxs.

# xlsfonts
lists a long list of founts

$ xlsfonts | grep helvetica
$ xlsfonts | grep courier
nothing on both above commands

do I need to install more fonts or can I use one of
the listed founts in xlsfonts?
or how can I fix this problem?


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