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Bio news media exclusive report cbfg

From: BioNewsMedia
Subject: Bio news media exclusive report cbfg
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 21:10:44 -0800




Featured Profile:


Meridian Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of medical devices to the Oriental and Natural/Alternative Medicine industries. Meridian combines Oriental and Western Medicine with modern science and electronics technology in its medical devices.


Investment Consideration


- Explosive global potential as the popularity of Oriental medicine is rising rapidly.


- The world market growth rate for medical instrument industry is 2.5% annually.


- Meridian has been investing over 10% of their total revenues each year into R&D to continue to manufacture and introduce new products.


- Meridian is lead by a strong management team and a group of medical advisers specializing in the innovative medical device industry.



For more Info on Meridian Co., Ltd ("MRDAF"- OTCBB) follow this link




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