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High-Tech-News.com Introduces a wireless tracking and monitoring breakth

From: High-Tech-News.com
Subject: High-Tech-News.com Introduces a wireless tracking and monitoring breakthrough!
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 02:22:31 -0800


Featured Profile:

Strategic Technologies Inc. (TSX-V: STI) is a wireless tracking and monitoring expert with over 15 years of applied knowledge. The company's award winning products track people of interest and critical assets for Corrections and Law Enforcement Agencies in North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia. 

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Investment Considerations:

Knowledge and Proven Products: For almost twenty years, Strategic has developed substantial proprietary knowledge and technologies, providing high-accuracy tracking systems to the most demanding clients in the business-- the U.S. Law Enforcement and Corrections Agencies.

Financial Strength:Established revenues of approximately $5M in FY2003, net assets of $2.4M with $450K cash, minimal debt of $100K.

Large Markets: The combined markets for Strategic's Corrections and Law Enforcement products exceed half a billion dollars in the U.S. alone.

Compelling Market Drivers: Growth in the Corrections market is driven by the need to find an effective yet cost efficient alternative to the costly prison system. The recently heightened concern for enhanced National Security is dramatically driving growth in the Law Enforcement and Defense industries.

High Barriers to Entry: It takes years to develop the necessary core wireless technologies used in our products. What is more, government approvals must be obtained, and products must be proven in the marketplace before they'll be accepted by customers in the industry.

New Market Opportunities: Strategic is leveraging knowledge gained in the wireless tracking of people and assets and applying this knowledge to new consumer and commercial markets.  

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