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Re: gtk2, iso14755, pasting non-ascii characters, and the x-windows clip

From: era
Subject: Re: gtk2, iso14755, pasting non-ascii characters, and the x-windows clipboard
Date: 16 Dec 2003 14:14:12 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.0808 (Gnus v5.8.8) Emacs/20.7

On Tue, 16 Dec 2003 12:54:22 +0100, josh buhl <address@hidden>
posted to gmane.emacs.bugs:
 > The garbaged text corresponds exactly to the unicode hex encodings for
 > the characters. for example the unicode hex encoding of ß is 00DF and
 > emacs displays the pasted in ß as \x{00DF}. This certainly isn't a
 > coincidence.

It's also the tired old Latin-1 code for the character, so this may
not be at all significant.

FWIW I've had trouble pasting between Mozilla and Emacs for as long as
I can remember (which is about two years -- before that I wasn't using
Mozilla, or Gnome). Currently this is Emacs 20.7.2 and Mozilla 1.3.1.
This Mozilla is using GTK 1.2 as far as I can tell. (I'm running Gnome
1.something -- Debian stable with some Ximian residue and backports,
notably Mozilla.)

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