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[PATCH]saveplace.el: forget unreadable files (again)

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [PATCH]saveplace.el: forget unreadable files (again)
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 03:16:05 -0600

* Bug

lisp/saveplace.el: save-place-alist contains entries for files that may
not be readable anymore.

You get rid of files, you don't want saveplace to save places in them

* Fix

This is a patch to lisp/saveplace.el 1.25, Tue Mar 25 19:32:39 2003.

This filters save-place-alist when saving the alist to file against
`file-readable-p'.  However, first it checks the filename against
save-place-skip-check-regexp; if it matches, its fate depends on
save-place-save-skipped, and file-readable-p is *not* run against the
file.  This solves the problem of slow, removable, and network drives.
The default regexp in this patch is based on common removable mount
points in various GNU/Linux distributions and the ange-ftp-name-format

Glenn Morris suggested using the readability checks in recentf instead
of this new implementation.  However, the recentf method -- checking
only a buffer's file name only when killing said buffer -- does not
work for the IMHO more common case of deleting a file, etc *after*
killing its buffer.

As the filter is now filtered, forgetting is now enabled by default.

Tested in GNU Emacs 21.3.

*** /cdrom/emacs-cvs/lisp/saveplace.el  Tue Mar 25 13:32:39 2003
--- /home/sirian/ide/emacs/saveplace.el Fri Dec 19 01:17:44 2003
*** 94,99 ****
--- 94,133 ----
                 (const :tag "No Limit" nil))
    :group 'save-place)
+ (defcustom save-place-forget-unreadable-files t
+   "Non-nil means forget place in unreadable files.
+ The filenames in `save-place-alist' that do not match
+ `save-place-skip-check-regexp' are filtered through
+ `file-readable-p'. if nil, their alist entries are removed.
+ You may do this anytime by calling the complementary function,
+ `save-place-forget-unreadable-files'.  When this option is turned on,
+ this happens automatically before saving `save-place-alist' to
+ `save-place-file'."
+   :type 'boolean :group 'save-place)
+ (defcustom save-place-save-skipped t
+   "If non-nil, remember files matching `save-place-skip-check-regexp'.
+ When filtering `save-place-alist' for unreadable files, some will not
+ be checked, based on said regexp, and instead saved or forgotten based
+ on this flag."
+   :type 'boolean :group 'save-place)
+ (defcustom save-place-skip-check-regexp
+   ;; thanks to ange-ftp-name-format
+   "Regexp whose file names shall not be checked for readability.
+ When forgetting unreadable files, file names matching this regular
+ expression shall not be checked for readability, but instead be
+ subject to `save-place-save-skipped'.
+ Files for which such a check may be inconvenient include those on
+ removable and network volumes."
+   :type 'regexp :group 'save-place)
  (defun toggle-save-place (&optional parg)
    "Toggle whether to save your place in this file between sessions.
  If this mode is enabled, point is recorded when you kill the buffer
*** 138,149 ****
--- 172,212 ----
                    (cons (cons buffer-file-name position)
+ (defun save-place-forget-unreadable-files ()
+   "Remove unreadable files from `save-place-alist'.
+ For each entry in the alist, if `file-readable-p' returns nil for the
+ filename, remove the entry.  Save the new alist \(as the first pair
+ may have changed\) back to `save-place-alist'."
+   (interactive)
+   ;; the following was adapted from an in-place filtering function,
+   ;; `filter-mod', used in the original.
+   (unless (null save-place-alist)     ;says it better than `when'
+     ;; first, check all except first
+     (let ((fmprev save-place-alist) (fmcur (cdr save-place-alist)))
+       (while fmcur                    ;not null
+       ;; a value is only saved when it becomes FMPREV.
+       (if (if (string-match save-place-skip-check-regexp (caar fmcur))
+               save-place-save-skipped
+             (file-readable-p (caar fmcur)))
+           (setq fmprev fmcur)
+         (setcdr fmprev (cdr fmcur)))
+       (setq fmcur (cdr fmcur))))
+     ;; test first pair, keep it if OK, otherwise 2nd element, which
+     ;; may be '()
+     (unless (if (string-match save-place-skip-check-regexp
+                             (caar save-place-alist))
+               save-place-save-skipped
+             (file-readable-p (caar save-place-alist)))
+       (setq save-place-alist (cdr save-place-alist)))))
  (defun save-place-alist-to-file ()
    (let ((file (expand-file-name save-place-file)))
        (message "Saving places to %s..." file)
        (set-buffer (get-buffer-create " *Saved Places*"))
        (delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
+       (when save-place-forget-unreadable-files
+       (save-place-forget-unreadable-files))
        (print save-place-alist (current-buffer))
        (let ((version-control

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

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greatness.  Those who have greatness within them do not go in for politics.
                -- Albert Camus

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