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File exists, but cannot be read

From: Asif Haswarey
Subject: File exists, but cannot be read
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 10:58:34 -0800


I have seen the following problem several times. The only way to
recover is to start a new emacs!

1) I do M-x dired to a *remote* system.
2) I traverse through several levels of directories.
3) I select the file I want to edit and then start editing.
4) On the remote system, I compile a new file.
5) On the local system, I use dired to locate the new
    compiled file and try to edit it.
6) Emacs seems to see it but returns with a blank page
    and a message in the mode line saying:
    File exists, but cannot be read.
7) I then kill all the dired buffers and the ange-ftp buffer.
8) I start the whole process from step 1 above, but I
    end up with the same problem.

The only way out of this is to quit emacs and start
emacs again.



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