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Re: dired-do-shell-command blocks C-z suspension, switching buffers

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: dired-do-shell-command blocks C-z suspension, switching buffers
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 02:46:48 +0800
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RMS> This command is defined to wait for the shell command to finish.
RMS> You can interrupt it by typing C-g.

Well, we are sort of thrown back to the age of MSDOS single tasking
systems, when we cannot pop in and out of emacs with a ^Z (-nw or
not), without affecting subjobs... and I don't see what is gained this
way, other than code simplicity perhaps.

Hmm, plain old ESC ! (shell-command) acts that way too.

Anyway, let's examine what we might do when the user types
ESC ! sleep 111 RET C-z
1. nothing, not even a message. (current behavior)
2. suspension, just as if when the user had typed sleep 111&
3. suspension, even suspending the sleep job

Anyway, at least there could be some message printed for [1],
especially since you aren't saving our C-z intending to send it to the
stdin of our subjob.

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