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Welcome to Beijing travel

From: Daniel
Subject: Welcome to Beijing travel
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 20:53:16 +0800

Hello! Dear friends,
                 Welcome, everyone! I am Daniel. 
                 Haven't you ever visited Beijing? If not, wouldn't 
              you expect a future tour to this eastern cosmopolitan
              city? Here you can see the last oriental Palace in the
              world, climb the oldest fortification of the Great Wall 
              and experience the grandeur and magnificence of the  
              Forbidden city. You can also have a try of the typical
              Beijing foods, listen to the well known Beijing Opera,
              and of course to call on the unique Beijing Hutong. 
              While strolling around these places, you will sense the 
              vigor and vitality of this ancient royal city.
                   For more information, please click here.
                         Best wishes!
                                                     Yours sincerely, Daniel
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