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EzDataSheets.com - NEW Server/Storage comparisons & Source for Semicondu

From: Zrinka Pavesic
Subject: EzDataSheets.com - NEW Server/Storage comparisons & Source for Semiconductor datasheets, substitutions
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 01:30:01 +0100


Wishing You A Joyous Christmas &
 A Very Happy New Year!


compare Intel 32-bit servers from different manufacturers
compare storage systems from different manufacturers
be informed what is going on IT enterprise product market

New Year's Special Subscription gift, get full year subscription for half year price


Source for Semiconductor datasheets, app notes and substitutions


EzDatasheets.com is a site dedicated for providing essential data to all people involved

in manufacturing, designing, developing, maintaining or repairing of electronic/electric products or devices.

On EzDatasheets.com you can find data about semiconductor components and technology.

No pop-
ups, no marketing, no useless materials, strictly information site for all people involved in electronics.


- Two main search engines


Search for datasheets (pdf files) as essential data about semiconductor components and

semiconductor cross-reference search which gives you equivalent components for searched original.



- Support


Databases are updated regularly on daily basis, but not all knowledge in the world is there.

So, if you can't find you data about your components in our databases, you can ask us to

find it for you.

With "Ask for you datasheet/substitution support" we will look for data instead of you.



- "Easy" is our concept


Finding data easy and quickly today is a must in any business, so we relay on concept

of providing data on the easiest and quickest way possible.

Save your time, work rationally, and we will provide electronic components data to you.



- New Year's Special Subscription


For new subscribers until 7th of January 2004.:


- New Year's Special Subscription, full year for a price of half year, 15.00 EUR

You can make your subscription in any normal traditional or modern way today.


For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us on our e-mail

address@hidden or go to our web site www.ezdatasheets.com .


Yours sincerely,

Zrinka Pavesic

e-mail: address@hidden



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