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Re: Crash in tparam.c on OpenBSD

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: Crash in tparam.c on OpenBSD
Date: 2 Jan 2004 11:01:04 GMT
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 00:54:31 +0200
>> From: Casper Gripenberg <address@hidden>
>> (gdb) up
>> #4  0x123709 in tparam (string=0x49b105 "\e[3%p1%dm", outstring=0x0, len=0, 
>>     arg0=6, arg1=2496000, arg2=1, arg3=8) at tparam.c:105
>> (gdb) up
>> #5  0x4b3a9 in turn_on_face (f=0x261600, face_id=11) at term.c:2107
>> (gdb) 
>> Which looks like this:
>>       if (fg >= 0 && TS_set_foreground)
>>      {
>> >      p = tparam (TS_set_foreground, NULL, 0, (int) fg);
>>        OUTPUT (p);
>>        xfree (p);
>>      }
>> Where TS_set_foreground is the "\e[3%p1%dm" string.
>> I have no idea what all this means

> It means that your Emacs was compiled for termcap, but the TERM entry
> it gets fed is for terminfo, which is a newer method of specifying
> terminal capabilities.  Emacs as compiled on your machine cannot
> handle terminfo entries, so it barfs.

> There should be an entry in the PROBLEMS file named "Emacs aborts
> inside the function `tparam1'" which tells you more, including
> suggested ways to solve this problem.

This appears to be a problem with emacs' configure script.  It shouldn't
have to compile-in most of the logic for tparam, since that can be done
with calls to the "real" tgoto.

Thomas E. Dickey

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