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A0V: Wi Fi - Wireless Internet 0pportunity zvxapdj

From: John
Subject: A0V: Wi Fi - Wireless Internet 0pportunity zvxapdj
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 04 00:32:55 GMT

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If you have ever looked for an opportunity that would take care of your family 
for the rest of there lives then you must review this. It is one of the top 3 
strongest financial opportunities I have ever seen in my lifetime I can assure 
you that this will NOT be a waste of your time. The world is going wireless and 
we will be the first wireless company to provide a nationwide wireless 
backbone. This will happen in just a matter of months.  

Be sure and read this whole document in its entirety.

All services are plug and play. We will offer wireless Internet service 10 
times faster than DSL or cable lines where people can travel anywhere with 
their laptop or computer and stay connected for only about $49.95 a month. Now 
because of our speeds we will also offer wireless phones through IP telephony 
for calling worldwide with no long distance and unlimited calling worldwide for 
also about $49.95 a month. There will be wireless Cable TV, Movies and more 
through the same connection. There will be package deals for the consumers and 
everything all on one bill by one company.

This new paradigm in technology is revolutionary to say the least. It uses 
radio waves instead of cellular and we can send our signal for many miles where 
other companies in the same field can only send there signals for a 300 foot 
radius. We also already have almost 2% of the US population as subscribers on 
our DSL service waiting to become wireless at the same price and we as license 
holders will get paid on those who live in our area. Revenue is already built 
in; multi-million dollar commercial ad campaigns are ready to start and many 
different fortune 500 and 100 companies who are sponsoring the project.

The only problem with this is that we expect to take a very large percentage of 
the business for all 3 of these major markets and if we were to go live on our 
own then we would be deemed a monopoly and get anti-trust suits filed. The only 
way around this is to bring a few thousand regular people and small businesses 
in and share revenue with them. If the people own a portion of it then that 
won't happen.

Our company has already offered the opportunity to all of our own friends and 
family first and those who could afford it have already gotten in. We only need 
about another 500 people to share revenue with outside of the larger 
corporations who will buy up the rest of the licenses when we are finished. The 
opportunity is simple. You purchase a license for only $10,000 to share revenue 
on your licensed area which will pay you over $5,000 a month per license based 
on only 100 subscribers which is about 1/3 of a percent of the potential for 
these areas. You can choose your area based on the available locations on our 
map. It will also show you the populations and house values based on the year 
2000 census reports for those areas. Licenses are expected to go up to over 
$50,000 after a number of nationwide press releases and well worth the 

If you are interested in learning more then you can fax the attached word 
document to this email over to: 1-407-650-3437 You must fill out the entire 
document and sign it. It is attached to this email. You may also call and read 
the attached document on the voice mail filling in the blanks as you read 
however faxed documents will be called before messages will.


REM0VE Instuctions:

If you would like to be removed from this list then just leave a message on 
that same number 1-407-650-3437 with your email address to be removed. Make 
sure to repeat it twice and spell it out twice. We follow all state, local and 
federal guidelines. You may also simply send a reply back to this email to get 
off. If we have caused any inconvenience then please accept our apologies and 
rest assured that we will remove your email address from your list by following 
the above instructions.
drilal seaauckk

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