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PractiCalc - A New CALCULATOR

From: Thoro
Subject: PractiCalc - A New CALCULATOR
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 23:52:14 +0200

PractiCalc - A brand new CALCULATOR for your PC.

More powerful than your usual calculator - more user-friendly than a 

-> PractiCalc provides both conventional and unique calculator operation and 

-> PractiCalc processes your calculations, equations and expressions giving the 
result as you type. 

-> PractiCalc's extensive built-in functions and user-defined formula combine 
to allow flexible and extendible mathematical expressions. 

-> Practicalc offers a comprehensive range of conversion operators and a 
special conversion screen. 

-> PractiCalc is the prime choice for anyone who uses a computer - from 
professional scientists, engineers to financial information processors 
including computer scientists, educators, students and the layperson.

-> PractiCalc runs in all Windows environments, 95 thru XP.

Visit our web site. Review some of the features. Download the small install and 
enjoy the PractiCalc experience.

PractiCalc - there is no equal


Short PractiCalc feature list:

 - As you type your mathematical expressions the answer is shown in real-time 
 - Save your mathematical expressions as user-defined formula 
 - Full configuration of the result (decimal, fraction, scientific, binary, 
octal, hex etc) 
 - Unique numeric increment and decrement operation using on-screen buttons, 
mouse wheel and/or keyboard
 - Comprehensive conversion screen and functions that can be inserted directly 
into your mathematical expressions
 - Customizable color coded result, differentiating between positive and 
negative numbers 
 - Menu selectable built-in functions that can be inserted into your equations 
 - Menu selectable built-in mathematical constants that can be inserted into 
your equations 
 - Menu selectable conversion functions that can be inserted into your 
 - Menu selectable user-defined formula that can be inserted into your 
 - Dynamic real-time updating of user-defined formula
 - Save and restore user-defined named sets of formula
 - Trigonometric functions can be defined as taking arguments in radians, 
degrees or gradients 
 - Equation history preservation and recall 
 - Skinable screens 
 - Optional translucent (ghost) screens for see-thru effect 
 - and many other features and calculatin aids....


To obtain a copy of PractiCalc, just click or go to the link below:



You are receiving this e-mail as part of a direct marketing campaign for 
PractiCalc software on Window. This unsolicited e-mail is intended only to 
directly inform you of this new and practical piece of software. It is not 
intended to annoy or cause any damage to your computer system. Your e-mail 
address was obtained from public records.


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