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Re: [patch] 21.3 dired.el direx-aux.el dired-read-shell-command and defa

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: [patch] 21.3 dired.el direx-aux.el dired-read-shell-command and default values
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 11:51:11 -0700
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Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:
> In regard to this mail, here are patches for generally framework
> of this kind. The command offered depends on file extension.
>     From: Dan Jacobson <jidanni <AT> jidanni.org>
>     Subject: make .pod trigger perldoc
>     Newsgroups: gnu.emacs.bug
>     To: bug-gnu-emacs <AT> gnu.org
>     Date: 2004-02-04 06:07 ke EET
>     Message-ID: <mailman.2008.1076101438.928.bug-gnu-emacs <AT> gnu.org>
>     Make perldoc the default dired-do-shell-command when encountering
>     .pod files.
> 2004-02-07 Sat  Jari Aalto  <jari.aalto <AT> poboxes.com>
>         * dired.el (dired-shell-command-list): New user variable.
>         * dired-aux.el (dired-read-shell-command-default-command): New.
>         (dired-read-shell-command): Consult
>         `dired-read-shell-command-default-command' and offer default if
>         any.

Dan can get the behavior he desires by installing dired-x as documented
and adding a ("\\.pod\\'" "perldoc") entry to dired-guess-shell-alist-user.

If it is a bug that this is not configured by default, then you should
just patch dired-x.el and add that entry to dired-guess-shell-alist-default,
instead of defining a new variable and hacking up dired-aux.el.

Kevin Rodgers

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