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Emacs cvs version freezes if BREAK in R-mode (ESS package)

From: Ronny Klein
Subject: Emacs cvs version freezes if BREAK in R-mode (ESS package)
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:12:25 +0100


at first, I'm not a programmer. So don't expect to much of my insight.
I've found the following bug and have no idea how to debug.

What I've done:

     1. Got the cvs version of emacs.
     2. Compiled with gtk-support (exactly the reason why I wanted to us
        compile this on my own.
     3. Installed it.
     4. Run the emacs, everything seems fine.
     5. Started to use the R-Mode of the ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistic)
     6. Tried to break a command with C-c C-c or the menu button. 
     7. Result: Emacs freezes immediately and have to kill the running
        process by killall R.bin. After that I can finally use the Emacs
        again. So the problems seems to be with the ESS package. 

This didn't happen with Emacs version 21.3 though. I use Gnu/Linux
Fedora Core 1 and used the setarch command to compile. As I said, I have
no idea what's going on and who might be interested in this bug. But
maybe it helps to improve the Emacs even more. 

Keep up the good work. (Especially the gtk-port ;-)


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