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Trivello Initiates Spring Drilling Program..

From: TickerTape
Subject: Trivello Initiates Spring Drilling Program..
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 04:31:41 -0800


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Trivello to Drill Edmonton Area Gas Well



 Company Initiates Spring Drilling Program


TRIVELLO VENTURES INC. (Trivello) is a resource exploration and development company engaged in the exploration, exploitation and development drilling for oil and gas reserves. Trivello is a public Canadian company, listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange with the trading symbol "TRV" (US-symbol TRVVF).


Trivello Ventures Inc. (TSX-V "TRV") has initiated their spring drilling program by beginning to drill their first gas well on The Alexander Prospect which is a well documented area in the Edmonton region and that has extensive geological data from previous drilling of several productive oil wells.


The entire prospect area consists of 4 sections of land. The Company currently owns a 15% interest in a productive gas well on the prospect.


Trivello has been informed by the Operator that drill pads are poured, necessary permits are obtained and the Drill Rig should be mobilized immediately upon Drill Rig availability. The company owns a 30% working interest in Lsd. 6 of Section 7, Township 57, Range 1 W5M.


Flow rates of near-by wells have produced in excess of 100 barrels of oil per day per well. The drilling of the test well will determine how many of formations are to be tested for hydrocarbons. Trivello will make announcements with regards to additional drilling targets in due course.

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