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address@hidden; Available thru Canada, Government Subsidies Grants and L

From: Info
Subject: address@hidden; Available thru Canada, Government Subsidies Grants and Loans
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 12:41:55 -0500

Canadian Subsidy Directory
4865 Hwy 138,R.R 1
St-Andrews West
Ontario, KOC 2A0



The newly revised Canadian Subsidy Directory 2004 edition is now
available. A guide
containing information to more than 2000 direct and indirect subsidies,
grants, and loans
offered by various levels of Government; Foundation; Association; and
other similar

Over 20 000 copies sold. The Canadian Subsidy Directory is a most
comprehensive and a
much needed tool to create or enrich any business. A true valuable
resource required to
improve your cost efficiency with crucial information held by professionals.

The Canadian Subsidy Directory is the most comprehensive tool to start up a
business, improve existent activities, set up a business plan, or obtain
assistance from experts in fields such as: Industry, transport, agriculture,
communications, municipal infrastructure, education, import-export, labour,
construction and renovation, the service sector, hi-tech industries,
and development, joint ventures, arts, cinema, theatre, music and recording
industry, the self employed, contests, and new talents.
Assistance from and for foundations and associations, guidance to prepare a
business plan, market surveys, computers, and much more!

"Subsidy guide becomes publishing success story"
National Post Friday, August 08, 2003, Peter Kuitenbrouwer. 
Quote "From insuring honey farmers to funding research on the medical use
Marijuana, Canadians love their subsidies, judging from the latest edition 
of a book on grants and subsidies available from governments, banks 
and charities. The 2003 Canadian Subsidies Directory, which lists 2,000 
Subsidies available from all provinces and territories (except Quebec,
which rates a separate book) is flying off the shelves..." Unquote.  

The Canadian Subsidy Directory is retailed at $69.95. To obtain a copy
please call the
Canadian Publications at 819-322-5756 or visit the publisher's web site at: 

Legal Deposit-National Library of Canada: ISBN 2-922870-05-7

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