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Important Notice From the I.R.S.

From: inzone
Subject: Important Notice From the I.R.S.
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:32:39 +0700
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Intelligent Resource Solutions (I.R.S.): Toll Free 1.877.299. 5465 (LINK)

Have You Received Notices From the Internal Revenue Service?
Are They Claiming You Owe Them A Lot of MONEY?
IRS Summoned You To Produce Your Books and Records?
Your Wages Being Levied And Garnished  For IRS Collections?
Do You Have An IRS Lien or Levy That Needs Removing?
Whatever Your IRS Issue Is, We Guarantee Your Remedy!
Why, Because WE NEVER QUIT!!!
Want Your Solution Today?
Pick Up The Phone And Give Us A Call
For Your Free 30 Minute One On One Informational Tutorial,
Just Call: Intelligent Resource Solutions at 1.877.299.LINK

Associate Service Providers Offering:
Law Firm Affiliate Support
Business Restructuring
Secure Private Trust Organizations
Corporation Sole Organizations
Forensic Tax Accounting Services
Civil And Criminal Courtroom Procedure
Answering Lawsuit Summons And Complaints
Mortgage Foreclosure Protection
Lawful Mortgage Reduction Programs

"Offering Alternative Remedies That Get Results."
Call NOW!: 1.877.299.LINK Live Support

This email has been sent via opt-in sources only. 
If you have received this email, you may have subscribed 
to one of several affiliate advertising offers, visited an affiliates 
website or a friend may have submitted your email address to 
one of our mailing offers. We are unable to control all elements 
of opt in marketing. 

To be Removed from receiving any future mailings please contact 
the following location and request removal. Toll Free. 1.877.893.9754 

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