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modify-frame-parameters for scroll-bars makes invisible frames inaccessi

From: Drew Adams
Subject: modify-frame-parameters for scroll-bars makes invisible frames inaccessible
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 14:21:36 -0800

Emacs 20.7
If you change the value of parameter vertical-scroll-bars (whatever the new & old values) for an invisible frame, the value of parameter visibility is also changed to t as a side effect. What's worse, the frame remains physically invisible, in spite of the parameter value.
This is important if you change the scroll-bar setting for all frames: it ends up making the invisible frames inaccessible, because they are physically invisible but their visibility parameter is set to t.
Changing the value of other frame parameters doesn't seem to affect the visibility parameter (I didn't test them all, however).
(setq tttt (selected-frame))
(make-frame-invisible tttt)
(frame-parameters tttt) => (...(visibility)...)
(modify-frame-parameters tttt '((vertical-scroll-bars)))
(frame-parameters tttt) => (...(visibility . t)...(vertical-scroll-bars)...)
I use Emacs 20, so it doesn't help me if this is fixed in Emacs 21. Is there a fix or workaround for Emacs 20? modify-frame-parameters is built-in; is there an equivalent lisp definition that could be corrected for the fix?
 - Drew Adams

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