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no more minibuffer lines up in smoke

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: no more minibuffer lines up in smoke
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 03:54:48 +0800
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Please rig it so that anything written into the minibuffer ends up
somewhere one can check later.

There are too many programs that ask you a question, you say yes, then
want to check what was just asked, but there is no record stored, even
a few bytes, in any buffer, even "hidden" ones, and of course not in

If you can keep a lossage of what I typed for 100 strokes, then you
can also keep a record of the last 100 lines written to the

One would think that polite programs' minibuffer messages would end up
in *Messages*, but there are too many ways to "get around that".

So, rig the final thing that puts chars into the minibuffer to keep a
copy for a few lines.  Don't depend on programmers voluntarily making
sure all goes also to *Messages*.

So far there have been hundreds of times where I want to check what it
just said a moment before, but nowhere in mighty emacs is that
important info kept.

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