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This is True request -- REPLY REQUIRED

From: this-is-true Confirmation (from Lyris ListManager)
Subject: This is True request -- REPLY REQUIRED
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 04:51:10 -0700

THANK YOU for your subscription request to This is True. TRUE is a once-
  per-week feature of weird-but-TRUE news items sent by e-mail. ONE MORE
  STEP IS REQUIRED to activate your subscription!

  To protect against abuse, CONFIRMATION of all subscriptions, known as
  "double opt-in", is required. Please simply REPLY to this message to
  confirm your subscription. It does not matter what the message says.
  See http://www.thisistrue.com/privacy.html for our full privacy

  If you do not want to join, don't do anything. If you don't reply to
  this message, the request will fade away and you'll never hear from us
  again. But you'll be missing lots of great stories, like this one:

I CAN'T PUT MY FINGER ON IT: Police say a man tried to rob a pharmacy in
  Neillsville, Wisc., using the time-honored ruse of pretending his
  finger was a gun. Except the man, wearing a mask, didn't feel the need
  to hide the fake gun in his pocket -- he held his finger up to
  pharmacist Bill Weiler. "I kind of chuckled," Weiler said, asking "This
  is a robbery?" The man then "pushed me and said, 'Yeah, this is a
  robbery'." He wrestled with the man and, in the scuffle, pulled off his
  mask. He recognized the robber as Joel D. Peterson, 30, who had earlier
  allegedly tried to fill forged prescriptions. (Milwaukee Journal
  Sentinel) ...Which Weiler knew were forged because there's no such
  thing as "Smart Pills".

  But you'll only get a subscription if you reply to this message!

Thank you, and enjoy This is True

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