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From: Rakiya Abdulaziz
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:34:59 -0500 (CDT)
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    Dear brother/sister of islam,
 salam in the name of almighty Allah most high his name be praised.
It has become imperative and of great course for alarm as our own islamic
brothers and sisters are dieing and wasting away due to a deserted cryout.
     Over the years,more than two and half decades now,our community, the
people of Dan gulbi clan in zamfara state Nigeria have been in great
agony,affliction coursed by bad and polluted water consumed by
individuals a water born disease to be precise, of which the main and
only source of water is a steam miles away and has been since our
forfathers and also has been the course of the rising number of death
coursed by disease such as cholera,guinea worm and cronic typhoide
death and casualties becomes the order of the day as we have been so
obliviouse on measures to take to affect a positive change,when it became
an epidemic to other villages,day in and out more casualties reoccuring,we
all now had to put minds and heads together to get to the root of it all 
which was the only choice we were left with.     Allah be praised we
sorted out the course and solution but this time it was beyound our own
capacity, we cried out and seeked for help and support in diverst ways and
tones ,craving and soliciting for assistance in a supplicative manner 
continually from our government for quit some mounths ,to be briefe on
this as i could, cos there is a whole lot to be said.
      For about seven to eight years, inbetween a team was sent down twice
to work towards the eradication of our predicament,but the only
thing done all these while was ,blood and urinary test,injections
and drugs given to affected bodies ,and they never spent up to three
days in the twice they came,always the case of running out of
working marterials ,knowing the enormity of harm that has and is
befalling the community ,they left to come back but that set never
 down to zero point,no feedback or responds as the years rolled by.
   One faithfull day it would have been ,after all these years another
team came said to be from local government authority health
sector,camera men in their midst with a new format altogether,made
video coverage and said they are poised for a drastic measure to affect
a change in the community since they now know the problem, made promise
to build a health center and deploy workers down and also sink a
standard borehole that will finally eradicate the foundamental course
of our predicament, these project was highly applouded,appriciated and
anticipated its fullfilments which for over five years we waited, since
our own government was too bussy to help us or come to our aid
underminding the dangers besieging us,we had to reach out to our own
islamic brothers outside the country for help and assistance, we made
all our ordeals and predicament quit explicit and glory be to Allah for
islam which will always be his brothers keeper all the time,felt
terribly bad and disapointed at the level things are been handled,gave
us their words to be of immense help and assistance to us through our
government also advised and encouraged us that all is well.
    All our fingers were crossed, only for after six weeks another group
came and started blaiming and accusing us for reaching out and
soliciting for help that they were at the verge of coming to our
aid,after all talks, they promised to expidite all necessary actions
<another promise> then left and never showed up till date,government
too bussy call back next mounth and so on for about three years
now,the latest now is one urinating blood,more danger rising.
      How long, how long can we wait in vain, living with death, tears and
sorrow, there is no hope for a better day or a tomorrow for us if
left this way, brothers and sisters of islam have been and are
dieing for being ignored and deserted,i ve lost my grand father
already on account of this,my extended family still at stake and
others who cant reach out too.
     A cry for help is echoed for the redemption of our own islamic race
,a total extimate for the said project was made and amounted to
eighty six thousand dollas and its mentainance for two years.  As we
crave with all our heart in the name of almighty Allah ,as all life
changing contributions emanates from a benevolent heart to enhance a
better life for living, no amount of gratitude will be comesurate to
the love,support to alleviate the death and severe ordeal of a
race,but rather the infinite blessings and mercy of Allah which you
cant hide from will continually to besiege and overwhealm you and
your huosehold in all your endevour and aspirations  in life to the
glory of Allah as we pray.
    Allah be praised, we look forward to hear from you through this
address of a coalition of dedicated muslim body on hope for a better
tomorrow for our community and society.
  Salam world us for better tomorrow incorporated.
email: address@hidden
    Thank you for your audience and support,Allah be with you now and always.
                                          yours sincerelly
                               HAJIYA  RAKIYA ABDULAZIZ.

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