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Find your China strategy at the 2004 Asian Venture Forum, May 16-18, Sil

From: AVCJ Group Ltd
Subject: Find your China strategy at the 2004 Asian Venture Forum, May 16-18, Silicon Valley
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:05:51 +0800

Dear Global Investor:

What is your China strategy? 

Explore the question that every CEO in America is being asked at the 2004 Asian 
Venture Forum / USA, May 16-18, where top VCs, seasoned professionals from the 
field, and the entrepreneurs they support share their experiences in China; the 
planet’s most populous country and fastest growing economy. Also learn about 
opportunities and trends in the rest of Asia, including Business Process 
Outsourcing (BPO) in India and, the steady march of wireless networks through 
Korea and Japan. 

Now in its 9th year, the 2004 Asian Venture Forum / USA is the Meeting Place 
for investment professionals and executives focused on leveraging operational 
synergies, complementary skill sets and additional sales channels between Asia, 
Silicon Valley and the rest of the USA. This annual event attracts prominent 
VCs, successful entrepreneurs, investment officers from institutional investors 
with some of the largest alternative asset allocations in the world and 
corporate decision makers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to harness the 
power of the world’s most dynamic region to grow your business. 

For more information about the conference, please download our full brochure 
at: http://www.asianfn.com/conferences/conference_default.asp 

(Keynote)  VINOD KHOSLA, General Partner; Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
• K.B. Chandrasekhar, Co-founder, Jamcracker, Inc.  
• David Chao, Managing General Partner, DCM - Doll Capital Management 
• David Chow, General Partner, Pacific Venture Partners
• Kevin Fong, Managing Director, Mayfield  
• Philip Gianos, General Partner, InterWest Partners
• Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association
• David Hornik, Partner, August Capital
• Richard Newton, Dean of Engineering, UC Berkeley 
• James Plummer, Dean of Engineering, Stanford University 
• Arati Prabhakar, Partner, US Venture Partners
• B. Ramalinga Raju, Chairman, Satyam Computer Services 
• Scott Sandell, General Partner, New Enterprise Associates
• Russ Siegelman, Partner, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
• Bill Tai,     General Partner, Charles River Ventures 
• Lip-Bu Tan, Chairman, Walden Internationa
• Barry Taylor, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus
• Albert Y.C. Yu, Senior Vice President, Intel Corporation (Retired)

• Lam Chih-Tsung, Executive VP, GIC Special Investments
• Hidekazu Ishida, Investment Officer, Osaka Gas Pension Fund 
• Yuji Komiya, CFO, Investment Group, Mitsubishi International Corp. 
• Hideya Sadanaga, Head of Private Equity, Nippon Life Insurance    
• PV Wang, Partner, Adams Street Partners 

• PengHuat Ang, General Partner, iGlobe Partners, Inc. 
• Carlos Bhola, Adviser of EachNet; 2b Group
• Navin Chaddha, Venture Partner, Mobius Venture Capital 
• Young Guo, General Partner, IDG Venture Capital
• Sandeep Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, MicroDisplay Corporation
• Bing Ho, Managing Partner, Beijing, Baker & McKenzie
• Tony Huang, Director, Asia Business Development, Silicon Valley Bank  
• Ping Ko, President & CEO, Wearnes Semiconductor Co.,Ltd.
• Peter Kuo, Senior Vice President, WR Hambrecht + Co
• Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
• Gary Lines, Executive Director, Quentin Ayers (Australia)
• James Ready, President & CEO, MontaVista Software, Inc.
• Yoram Snir, Director of Business Development, Cisco Systems, Inc.
• Ian  Sugarbroad, Chief Executive Officer, LGC Wireless

Or contact: Anil Nathani, Delegate Sales Manager, Tel: (852) 2838-9626, Email: 

The event is co-sponsored by Baker & McKenzie, Morrison Foerster, Pacific 
Venture Partners, Silicon Valley Bank and Walden International.

Thank you for you attention, we look forward to welcoming you to what is always 
a great event.


Trevor Chan
Director of Business Development 
Asian Venture Capital Journal
N.B.: If you do not wish to receive any other advisories like this one or feel 
that they should be directed to a more appropriate member of your organization, 
please reply to address@hidden We will amend our list accordingly.

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