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Don't forget --additional

From: Lottie
Subject: Don't forget --additional
Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 08:49:44 +0500

Sat, 15 May 2004 06:45:44 +0300 Alaska contraband

I sent you an email recently as you've been prequalified for a new mor .t. gage.
For just a minute of your time, and a small amount of **NOT TO PERSONAL** information,
we can go to work for you and save you alot of m oney on your real es tate.

when you apply for a --fre e quote-- you will be registered
for our five thousand dollar giveaway in the month of June !

You can buy a new home,,,
refina.nce for a better mort..gage,,,
pull cash out for any reason
And win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS while you're at it !

Let us impress you with how much m o ney you COULD BE saving on your home.
Bad cr ed it,,, is NO problem. We can save you hundreds of dollars each and every month!

Apply right now,, take advantage of this great offer
and get registered for the $5000 giveaway this June
Absolutely safe and secure.

Thank you
and with Warm Regards,
Dane Sprague

isis 50180746071 Not Interested

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