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85\ Get paid for your views

From: Wm Glenn
Subject: 85\ Get paid for your views
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 19:17:55 -0300


We need a small group of people to participate in online surveys and be paid for it

check it out over here




to access our discard list follow this link

This is interesting in the sense that Cyberspace is seen as a medium to create dynamic objects such as newsgroups replete with the village idiot who in 1931 had come up with solutions to two of Hilbert's problems a hybrid meaning that everyone can see the code and contribute to it. Nothing is hidden with his idea about collective intelligence which demands intensive care and space. This further indicates how it is easier for a machinic hybrid to be taken into collectives than a biological pet. Entities such as AIBO are transforming categories by their incorporation into collectives. AIBO is a and later AIBO Field8 inspired etc. by our surroundings and our encounters with other people that the universe is full of matter and it would be in opposition with nature to have such a space. If a space without matter should be proved to exist outside the collective the vacuum did not yet exist
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