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College Fundraising Made Simple, Safe and Free from CampusFundraiser

From: CampusFundraiser
Subject: College Fundraising Made Simple, Safe and Free from CampusFundraiser
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 14:17:59 -0700 (PDT)

$600 Group Fundraiser Scheduling Bonus!

We would like to introduce you to CampusFundraiser, the leader in college group fundraising.

Every semester, over 1,500 student groups choose CampusFundraiser to pay for their events, activities, equipment, philanthropies, and much more. Most groups earn $1,000 or more in just 3 hours with our help, with no costs or risks.

We here at CampusFundraiser want to make it worth your time to spend 30 minutes on your group's fall fundraising. Your time during the summer is precious, but so is your time during the fun school year. In fact, we want to make summer the best time for you to schedule your fall fundraiser with CampusFundraiser.

We are offering up to $600 in Scheduling Bonuses for completing a Non-Sales Fundraiser if you act quickly...That's right, your first $600 in earnings is on us - on top of the $1,000 or more that your group will earn!

Exclusive $600 Scheduling Bonus!
The boss has really lost it this time. We think that it may be heat stroke, so he may come to his senses soon - but you still have time to act before he wakes up. Our Non-Sales Fundraiser will allow your group to earn up to a $600 Scheduling Bonus if you act before June 20th. These bonuses will never see the light of day during the semester, so schedule your fundraiser quickly, and your group will receive:
$600 if you do your fundraiser in the month of August
$450 if you do your fundraiser in the month of September
$300 if you do your fundraiser in the month of October

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer - remember, these bonuses will end on June 20th so get with the program! It works. Get Started Today or call (888) 923-3238!

Non-Sales Fundraiser
The Non-Sales Fundraiser is quick, easy, and it works. It's great for any time during the school year, because it does not involve collecting any money. Your group will promote one of our clients on your campus for 4 hours on a single day - and then you're done fundraising! There's even a Fundraising Manager to provide on-site training and support, so you are guaranteed to make money. After 4 hours of marketing on campus, you're done with the fundraiser. Fundraising just doesn't get any easier!
Ready to start your own Success Story? Get Started Today or call (888) 923-3238!

Thousands of groups have made money with this fundraiser. Here are the stories of just a few:
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, U. of Pittsburgh, $1,500
Men's Tennis Team, St. Joseph s U., $1,675
Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, West Virginia U., $1,812
Ultimate Frisbee Team, Rutgers U., $1,000
Gymnastics Club, Penn State U., $1,722
Delta Zeta Sorority, Mansfield U., $1,750
Men's Volleyball Team, Bethel College, $950
Check out more Success Stories!

And don't forget about our proven Family and Friends Magazine Fundraiser! This fundraiser has been proven by thousands of groups just like yours, and offers a Scheduling Bonus up to $100 if you schedule through June 20th.

It's time to Get with the Program! Cash in on this exclusive invitation with a $600 Scheduling Bonus, plus earnings of $1,000 or more! Get Started Today, or call (888) 923-3238, and then spend the rest of the summer knowing that you have taken the first step towards reaching your group's fall fundraising goals!

Best of luck,

The entire team at CampusFundraiser

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