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I'd like to translate the Tutorial into Chinese

From: Fanxi Li
Subject: I'd like to translate the Tutorial into Chinese
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:57:24 +0800

I'd like to translate the Tutorial of the Emacs into Chinese. I'm a new user of Emacs in China and I find Emacs is really a cool text editor. On my first step to use Emacs, the tutorial helped me a lot. But I didn’t find a Chinese version of tutorial. In order to make more Chinese people know and begin to use Emacs, I'd like to translate the tutorial into Chinese. (Since I'm in the mainland of China, I can only translate the tutorial into Simplified Chinese.) I didn't know if other people have already done this, so I wrote this letter to you for advice. I'll be much appreciated if you can tell me whether I can do this contribution to Emacs and how I can do it (Just translate it and send it to you? Are there any special rules?).
        I’m looking forward to hear from you.

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