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caps lock bug on HP-UX

From: eh
Subject: caps lock bug on HP-UX
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 22:05:51 -0400

The caps lock key does not work in Emacs when Emacs is run on a
Hewlett-Packard machine but operated from another machine
(i.e. displayed on a Mac running OSX and Apple's XFree86 or a intel PC
running linux and XFree86, either via ssh X tunnel or simple xhosting).
The caps lock does, however, work when one is sitting at an HP machine
using the HP keyboard, either at the physical machine itself or ssh'ed
from another HP machine.

Using xev, the only difference I could find between what the other
keyboards where sending (besides the keycode, which was correctly mapped
to Caps_Lock in both cases, and Caps_Lock was mapped to the "lock"
modifier) and what the HP keyboard was sending was that the HP keyboard
only sent a KeyPress event the first time CapsLock was pressed and released,
and a KeyRelease the second time CapsLock was pressed and released.  The other
keyboards sent a KeyPress and KeyRelease every time the key was pressed
and released (as would be expected).  

However, in both cases, the state correctly transitioned to state 2 and
the caps lock LED on the keyboard turned on, and all other programs
(such as xterm, netscape, etc.)  running on the HP machine correctly
interpreted caps lock to be on and capitalized all letters typed,
regardless from which display they were accessed.

when uname -a is typed at shell on the HP machine, this is the output:

HP-UX c3600 B.10.20 A 9000/785 2013955839 two-user license

which agrees with M-x emacs-version:

This is GNU Emacs 21.1.3 (hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20) of 2002-11-26 on c3600

I downloaded the latest tarball of emacs and re-compiled it myself on
the HP using no options to configure and the results with respect to
caps lock were identical.  M-x emacs-version on my new build gives this
for output:

GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20) of 2004-07-01 on c3600

please advise,
- Martin Stiaszny

(yes, I actually spent 8 hours today trying to make the caps lock key
work.  I can send you xev spew if that is at all useful.)

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