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emacs vs. litestep

From: Joseph Moore
Subject: emacs vs. litestep
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 09:13:10 -0700

I have the MS windows port of emacs 21.3 installed on a WinXP Home box.  I
also use litestep (litestep.net) v. 0.24.7 for multiple desktops.

I have litestep set to accept the key combination ALT+(ARROW KEY) to switch
desktops, and all my desktops are aligned in a horizontal line.  So I use
ALT+LEFT and ALT+RIGHT to switch desktops.

When pressing ALT+RIGHT, emacs will 'follow' the desktop switch and appear
on the desktop that I'm going to.  But if I press ALT+LEFT, this does not

I could just use ALT+LEFT all the time, but with 4 VDs that could get a
little tedious.  With any more, it would be insane.

Other info:

LS theme: blackbox lookalike



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