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SpecMoney weekly features heated market momentum gainer

From: Sammy Pruitt
Subject: SpecMoney weekly features heated market momentum gainer
Date: Sat, 07 Aug 2004 09:30:48 -0300

Super-Hot Mining Play
Mining Companies Scoring With Record Earnings
And Industry-Wide Merger-Mania Positions
UDVE with Huge Reserves to Jump 500% !
Analysts confirm mining boom on record bottom line

United Development International (UDVE) controls one
of the largest gold mining properties in Guyana
(South America). Recent geological data has confirmed
PROVEN RESERVES of over 400,000 ounces of gold with a
value of over $100 MILLION.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers head analyst for mining, Paul
Murphy, stated just last month, "We seem to be at the
start of the first mining boom of the 21st century.

" This statement accompanied the PriceWaterhouse report
detailing the record doubling of net-profits for mining
companies in 2003 with an even brighter outlook for 2004.
Hot gold plays are no longer taking a back seat, and UDVE
is a prime example of a winner about to explode trading
at .07 that should be trading at .50! UDVE is currently
in production of high-grade gold ore while generating
revenues and positive cash flow.

Major Headlines and Highlights- July 29, 2004: UDVE Completes
Bulk Sampling Producing a Total of 1,311 Ounces of Gold.
This initial sampling validates recent estimates of $140
MILLION Revenue Forecast from UDVE operating properties!
Merger Activity is heightened with the rise of gold mining
company gains!

Gold prices that huddled near $250 in '99 are now showing
strength again near $400 after reaching $430.
UDVE has begun to heat up by jumping from .04 to .08 on
large block accumulation.

REUTERS Newswire reported last quarter that mergers and
acquisitions are becoming more frequent in gold mining
companies with the expectation of that trend increasing.
Large-cap fund managers and securities analysts agree that
the junior mining group is especially more vulnerable to a
buy-out or takeover scenario in today's healthy mining

We believe that UDVE is a serious takeover target as the
price for this undervalued asset play has not even come
close to reaching its true potential. Based on the value
of their proven reserves, we should see .25 right away
with even greater significant upside to match the fast-paced
growth of the Company.

Please read this required data: The information and opinions
in the preceding newsletter are based on sources believed to
be reliable but no representation is made to its accuracy or
completeness. Past performance is not an indication of similar
future results. This report is a paid profile and is for
information purposes only and should not be used as the basis
for any investment decision. The publisher has been compensated
ten thousand dollars for the preparation of this profile and for
continuing coverage of the featured company. The publisher is
not a market advisor and this profile is not to be considered
financial advice. This information is neither a solicitation to
buy nor an offer to sell securities. Information herein contains
future-looking statements and is subject to significant risks
and uncertainties. There are no shares being held of the
featured company, and there will be no participation in the
trading of any featured company.

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