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info mode header line missing title

From: joseph
Subject: info mode header line missing title
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 06:19:24 -0400

One of the newer versions of emacs changed the format of the info mode header 
line to
exclude the current node.  Previously, the node appeared in both the header 
line and in
the mode line.  This is a greviously bad change because it immensely 
complicates seeing
what is going on in a complicated info file.

I use info to provide help subjects for users not familiar with emacs.  It is a 
disaster having to explain that what screen the user is looking at cannot be 
found at the
top.  The user **must** look to the bottom to see what screen is being 
displayed.  This is
contrary to many people's intuition that the title of something is at the top.  
users must have an intuitive place on the screen to see what screen they are 
viewing.  For
the primary thing at the top to be the title of something that is not visible 
is a huge
problem for new users to swallow.  It is just simply not intuitive.

You should reinstate the previous rule of including the current node in the 
header line. 
This could be a default mode that experts like the developer who instituted 
this change
might customize to remove the current node from the header line.
Joseph Patterson
VLSI Design Tools
P.O. Box 378
W. Boxford, MA 01885-0378

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