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The University Gets New Student Online Directory -- Must See!

From: John
Subject: The University Gets New Student Online Directory -- Must See!
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 19:43:53 -0500

Dear students and faculty,
You, along with the following selective Universities, now gain special access to a student online directory with the ability to approve/disapprove friends that are also users on the site and are students or faculty from the available schools.  
You also have the ability to easily look up friends, faculty and other students' address, mailbox, instant messenger screen name or names, see your friends' friends profiles, look up their dorm/apartment or cell phone numbers, and much more.  All this information is only available to members of their respective schools.  For example, only Georgia State students may view this information about fellow Georgia State students, in order to preserve privacy.
ONLY people with email addresses designated from the specially selected schools below are permitted to register.  Use of the site is 100% free and the site has absolutely no advertising.
Emporia State * Georgia State * Harvey Mudd * Kansas State * Oregon State * Pacific University * Seton Hall
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Respectfully submitted,
The XTQ.com team

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