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HOME variable

From: Jaydutt Shukla
Subject: HOME variable
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 00:01:08 -0400
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This is not a bug but I did not know where else to report it.

Emacs (v21.3) uses the HOME variable as its root folder and in the
installation instructions suggest using c:\Emacs as the root folder.
This implies that I have to set HOME to be equal to "C:\Emacs" This is
okay but when other programs also need the HOME variable it causes
problem. For example, I just installed Cygwin on my computer and it uses
c:\Emacs as its starting directory, which is very annoying because I
expected it to start either in c:\ or c:\%USERPROFILE%\. Users can
always work aroung by changing directory (manually or using scripts) but
that is not a good approach. So I suggest using the variable EMACSHOME
or something that would associate it with Emacs unambiguously.

Jaydutt Shukla

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