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UK consumers - email list

From: Tom Theroux
Subject: UK consumers - email list
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 07:30:28 +0000

Are you targeting UK consumers? Do you want the British to buy your product or visit your website?

Our company has carefully collected an email database, which allows to advertise your product or service to the audience of 2.7 million UK citizens! This is the most comprehensive UK email database available on the Internet.

All addresses on the database belong to English consumers, are verified and as a proof of their geographical origin end with '.co.uk',which stands for the United Kingdom.

The database will be delivered to you in a ZIP archive of a 67MB TXT file.
The addresses were collected in the period of July-August, 2004.

The price we are asking is $270. To place an order please proceed to:

Please notice that we maintain similar consumer lists for almost all EU countries, Canada, Australia, and some other countries.

Tom Theroux

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