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Re: choose-completion-string should not exit minibuffer upon lisp-comple

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: choose-completion-string should not exit minibuffer upon lisp-complete-symbol
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 09:40:34 -0600
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Drew Adams wrote:
> If you are entering Lisp code for evaluation (e.g. `M-:'), then you
> don't want to exit the minibuffer when you complete a Lisp symbol. For
> example, you have "(sear" when you use `lisp-complete-symbol' to pick
> `search-forward'; you want the minibuffer to have "(search-forward" and
> let you continue to type code.

Note that "(sear" can only complete to "(search-", since it matches the
search-forward, search-backward, search-forward-regexp, and
search-backward-regexp functions.

> For this reason, I modified choose-completion-string to recognize this.
> Below is my version from Emacs 20, but I think the code is about the
> same for Emacs 21 (the "problem" is still there, in any case).

No, the problem does not exist in Emacs 21.3, when started with the -q
--no-site-file options.

> My code uses variable command-calling-for-completion from library
> `elect-mbuf.el', but the test could be done differently. That variable
> just holds the last command that caused display of the list of
> possible completions.

I suspect elect-mbuf.el is the cause of the problem.

Kevin Rodgers

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