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Re: Allow prefix arg for ido-find-*file* (maybe)

From: Sean O'Rourke
Subject: Re: Allow prefix arg for ido-find-*file* (maybe)
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 18:54:37 -0700
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At Sat, 25 Sep 2004 02:13:01 +0200,
no-spam@cua.dk (Kim F. Storm) wrote:
> It only works on systems (e.g GNU/Linux) where file-attributes returns
> a sensible size for directories.  So it probably fails on Windoze...

Thanks for looking into this.  It looks like it does the trick, though
the default threshhold is way too high to have an effect -- something
like 4096 or 8192 might be better.  file-attributes seems sensical on
Darwin as well, though I'd rather specify a (possibly rough) number of
files, and

    (length (directory-files DIR nil nil t))

isn't that slow -- it's all the filtering and fontification done by
ido that slows things down.  FWIW, on Darwin the second element of
file-attributes seems to be the number of files.  Weird.


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