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View-scroll-page-forward baby steps not grown out of

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: View-scroll-page-forward baby steps not grown out of
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 04:28:06 +0800

Gentlemen, is View-scroll-page-forward still unaware of window size
changes or whatever, in the latest emacs version?

$ mkdir 8; cd 8
$ seq 222 > 222
$ # Does this:
$ emacs --no-site-file -nw -q .
C-x 2 v C-x 1 SPC SPC SPC SPC
$ # still only scroll half as far per spacebar press as this?:
$ emacs --no-site-file -nw -q .

Maybe we are still supposed to hit "w". If so say so in
View-scroll-page-forward's doc string.  But by default scroll length
should be dynamic, and not arbitrarily set at one point in time and
then frozen.

scroll-up (C-v) can handle the change, but not View-scroll-page-forward.
emacs-version's value is "21.3.1"

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