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electric-buffer-list family-size trailing whitespace

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: electric-buffer-list family-size trailing whitespace
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 09:08:01 +0800

>> Note that buffers with names starting with spaces are omitted.
> Well, mention there how to list them too. Sizes and all.
K> Do you mean `electric-buffer-list'?

electric-buffer-list doesn't list them either.
  electric-buffer-list is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `ebuff-menu'.
  (electric-buffer-list ARG)
And then the docstring forgets to mention what ARG is.  And whatever
it is it doesn't show buffers starting with spaces, nor does I bet
its docstring mention how.

Most annoying is if one uses electric-buffer-list with
(setq show-trailing-whitespace t)
The loads of trailing whitespace were obviously not caught in the
review phase of the electric-buffer-list project.

Nope, too electric for me. Plus banging C-h tells you to hit a "?"
when a second C-h would work just as well.

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