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Re: ibuffer: hard to keep hidden buffers unhidden

From: John Paul Wallington
Subject: Re: ibuffer: hard to keep hidden buffers unhidden
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 08:44:05 +0100

> It's real hard to keep hidden buffers (names matching
> ibuffer-maybe-show-regexps /^ /) shown in ibuffer.  You must use 0g to
> see them. Any subsequent g (ibuffer-update) or ibuffer-and-update or
> ibuffer calls will wipe them out.
> No one doesn't want to see them every day, but when one does have them
> visible, ibuffer should be like dired, which respects your ls flags
> across revert-buffer (g) invocations.

In the current sources it's `ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates' and C-u g
to display buffers that match.

I'm not sure the current behaviour is a total misfeature because I
like to break out of displaying buffers matching
`ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates' without killing the Ibuffer buffer and
reinvoking `ibuffer'.  However, I agree that it would also be nice for
Ibuffer to behave as you expect.

How about making C-u g toggle whether it and subsequent invocations of
g should display buffers matching `ibuffer-maybe-show-predicates' ?

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