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[Windows] tex-mode: Emacs+ MiKTeX

From: Paolo Martini
Subject: [Windows] tex-mode: Emacs+ MiKTeX
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 18:07:44 +0200
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I found a problem of interoperability between emacs's tex-mode and
MiKTeX's DVI viewer, but i think it's applicable to other applications
called from emacs as well.

1) Set tex-dvi-view-command to "C:\path\to\miktex\bin\yap.exe"
2) Create a .tex file and save it in a path containing spaces (e.g.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Documents\foobar.tex)
3) C-c C-f (TeX File)
4) C-c C-v (TeX View)

the tex-shell tells that emacs is calling something like:
C:\MiKTeX\Main\miktex\bin\yap.exe c:/Documents and

that is wrong, it should call yap this way:
C:\MiKTeX\Main\miktex\bin\yap.exe "c:\Documents and

I made a simple workaround:

(defun tex-send-command (command &optional file background)
~  "Send COMMAND to TeX shell process, substituting optional FILE for *.
Do this in background if optional BACKGROUND is t.  If COMMAND has no *,
FILE will be appended, preceded by a blank, to COMMAND.  If FILE is nil, no
substitution will be made in COMMAND.  COMMAND can be any expression that
evaluates to a command string.

Return the process in which TeX is running."
~  (when file
~    (setf file (shell-quote-argument  (substitute ?\\ ?/ file))))
~  ..snip..

It's incomplete, but it works on my system, maybe it would be ok to have
an auto-quoting tex-send-command function that understands how to di it
by itself, but i don't know elisp and i cannot do it and propose.

Regards, Paolo.
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