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Re: check-ispell-version can't deal with gone directory

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: check-ispell-version can't deal with gone directory
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 01:15:49 +0800

>> Just because some buffer I was using was associated with a now gone
>> directory.

K> By "some buffer" I assume you mean "the current buffer".

>> Must restart emacs.

K> No, must `M-x cd'.

1. there is no message telling the user to do that now to rescue his

2. I found that the slightest (find-file
   "~/misspelled-directory/file") was enough to screw up my emacs so
   bad that I couldn't even tell gnus "y" when it asked me if really I
   wanted to reply to this message.

3. I tried M-d cd last time the problem happened. Forget it. Restart

4. I use http://jidanni.org/comp/emacs.txt.gz
   http://jidanni.org/comp/gnus.el.txt.gz . As you see, ffap etc. all
   on, so not as simple as you think.

5. Next time I better use spacebar in the minibuffer to make sure the
   file expands right before any RETs.

P.S., in flyspell-mode's docstring:
"Ispell is automatically spawned on background for each entered words."
Sounds like one UNIX process per word.

$ apt-cache policy emacs21
  Installed: 21.3+1-7

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