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wdired-mode not thoughtfully promoted

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: wdired-mode not thoughtfully promoted
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 03:41:16 +0800

Seen with describe-mode when in dired:

Mode for "editing" directory listings.
In dired, you are "editing" a list of the files in a directory and...
"Editing" means that you can run shell commands on files, visit,

Dan's comment: yeah well, real editing, wdired-mode, isn't
mentioned. One only notices that it is bound to "r" in the list of
bindings.  Bad salesmanship.

Indeed, most users around here (1 out of 1 :-) ), only found out about
it one day when accidentally hitting "r".

P.S., we do C-h k r and the final
      See `wdired-mode'
is not middle clickable.

Pleasantly surprised kill-rectangle gave what I wanted as I
hesitatingly hit C-c C-c in wdired mode. "Looks like you boys are
going to give Windows Directory Explorer or whatever it is called some
tough competition." query-replace is neat in wdired mode too.

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