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commande C-x i with smbmount block file. Need umount for free file..

From: Manach Xavier
Subject: commande C-x i with smbmount block file. Need umount for free file..
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:37:39 +0200
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address@hidden:/$ emacs --version
GNU Emacs 21.3.1

(samba 3.0)

 I don't speak very well english, then I script you the problem ;)

/  =  debian testing
/mnt/smb  =  windows 2003 server.

address@hidden:/# smbmount //windows2003serveur/share /mnt/smb -o

address@hidden:/$ cd /mnt/smb
address@hidden:/mnt/smb$ ls
t1.txt t2.txt
address@hidden:/mnt/smb$ emacs t1.txt

.......... start emacs commands .............
C-x i t2.txt
C-x c
.......... end emacs commands .............

here, I can't delete t2.txt !!!
 error message windows (in french):
"Impossible de supprimer t2.txt : Cette ressource est utilisée par une autre
personne ou un autre programme. Fermez les programmes susceptible d'utiliser le
fichier et essayer à nouveau."
 I try to translate it :
Not possible to delete t2.txt : This ressource is used by another user or
another soft. Close all programs using this ressource and try again.

address@hidden:/mnt/smb# umount /mnt/smb

here, I can delete t2.txt.

(I use other emacs functions without problems)

It's peharps an emacs bug, or a samba bug ?
an idea ?

 have fun, Xav.

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