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get the lifestyle you deserve

From: address@hidden
Subject: get the lifestyle you deserve
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 23:22:25 -0000

 if you could have anything in life you ever wanted......

You could take customers from your competitors without undercutting. Maybe even charging 30% to 100% more. Clients using these methods do it every day.

  “ I have personally used these methods for the last 10 years and our company now has a tunover in excess of £6,000,000, whilst our competitors are going bust every day. Using these techniques, we have increased our turnover by AT LEAST 30% every year for 10 consecutive years. What gives us such a dramatic edge? ”  


  "Not just for business. I used these principals in my personal life and cleared off an £8,500 credit card bill in one payment. That was two years ago. I haven't needed to buy anything on credit since. It's so liberating, instead of worrying about bills and debts all the time I can get on with living."


“ My company has won the fast 50 award for last 5 years. If our competitors used these techniques perhaps they would give us a run for our money. ”  


 “ My lifestyle has changed beyond recognition. My holidays are now spent in Florida and I no longer drive old cars, bought on credit, I drive the top of the range model - bought for cash.”



We will show you:   



e-mail marketing which pull in orders - within 24 hours!
The Triggers of Success 
50 techniques - Guaranteed to increase sales 10-fold 
Irresistibly Magnetic Words That Draw The Readers AttentionTo Your Ad or Sales Letter! 
Killer Secrets for Closing every Sale
Creating Powerful Headlines for your ads… 
The 3 Powerful Elements of Advertisements That Work!
Seven Steps For Creating Successful Marketing 
How to win business every time on the telephone 
How to Instantly Double the Response of Any Ad, Letter or Web Promotion 
The Secret Behind Million Pound ads 
Secret Formulas for Writing Headlines That Sell
How to Increase Sales and Profits in your Business- INSTANTLY 
Discover how to generate 1000% more enquiries… 

…and convert them into Orders

“ We were just a small, local company, now we are trading worldwide. It really is incredible! ”  

So here's what we would like you to do. Try this manual for one full year with no risk whatsoever. The risk is completely ours. If you aren't completely satisfied, we want you to ask for, and get, your money back.

 “Everyone in business should have a copy of this from day one - they would save years of wasted time and money through trial and error.”  

“ I discovered how to expand my business without the need for capital. The media now call me when they want a story. I am now considered an expert in my industry. The publicity my company gets is worth a hundred times more than any paid advertising.”  

 The 'Peace of Mind' Guarantee

Remember, the risk is entirely on us. You can use every strategy and technique for 12 full months and prove to yourself that they work as well as we've promised.  If you aren't satisfied, for any reason, just return the reports for a prompt, full refund. You've got absolutely nothing to lose - and substantial sales and profits to gain. Get your copy today!


Pre-Order Before December 1st and Save 25%

Please rush me a copy of ‘The best sales techniques in the world - ever!’ @ £29.95 plus p&p. £1.95 uk 3.95 outside uk)

Pre-Orders of book are at 25%  off retail list price of £39.95

Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Address 1________________________________________________________________________________________

Address 2________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Postcode _______________________________________________________________________________________

Country _________________________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address ___________________________________________________________________________________



Web Site URL____________________________________________________________________________________


Quantity _______@ £29.95 ea  =  £_______________ 

Packing and carriage £_______

Total _______

Print This Form and post to

Park Lane Media Ltd
Penman Spicer Hall
Park Lane
  Melton Mowbray
  LE13 0PT

click here for more information

If you want to find out why we have more loyal customers than any other company in our field just check our web site www.parklanemedia.com.

Publication is scheduled for 1st December. Pre-order your copy now and save a massive 25% off the publication price and guarantee your copy.

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