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iso-cvt and tex

From: Frederic Han
Subject: iso-cvt and tex
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:40:35 +0100
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I'd like to report the following problem:

In tex/latex, the following are corect a gives the same output:

\^\i ne
\^\i         ne

where the space or return after \i is required to say that the macro
name stop here.
and all those 3 way gives the same as {\^\i}ne

but not 
{\^\i} ne

which insert a white space between the i and n.

But when a document is open and saved the 
\^\i n becomes {\^\i} n

So I suggest in  

 ("\\\\\"\\\\i *\n\n" "\x8ef\n\n"); on supprime espaces mais on laisse 2 
retours chariots  
 ("\\\\\"\\\\i *\n?" "\x8ef");on supprime espaces et un retour chariot.
 ("\\\\`\\\\i *\n\n" "\x8ec\n\n")
 ("\\\\`\\\\i *\n?" "\x8ec")
 ("\\\\'\\\\i *\n\n" "\x8ed\n\n")
 ("\\\\'\\\\i *\n?" "\x8ed")
 ("\\\\^\\\\i *\n\n" "\x8ee\n\n")
 ("\\\\^\\\\i *\n?" "\x8ee")


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