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Re: I'm back!

From: Synplicity, Inc.
Subject: Re: I'm back!
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 08:15:02 -0800 (PST)

(Automatic Response from Synplicity Customer Support.)


Read the information below for instructions on 
updating your call ticket to Synplicity Technical Support.

Updated: May 14 2002

Please visit our web based support system
at http://www.synplicity.com/support
This site contains FAQ's, a knowledgebase,
application notes, and software downloads of
our latest release. 
You can also submit and track status of your
calls to our technical support Engineer's.

Please let us know your geographic place of business,
the State you work in for USA customers, or your
Country if you work outside the USA. This will
help us to handle your request more efficiently.

******************** Automatic Call Tracking ***********
Synplicity utilizes an automatic call tracking
system. This tool will help us to manage
your requests more quickly. Additionally, you will be able
to identify your problems through a unique ID number.

Please, make sure your attachments have a unique name to
avoid having them overwritten by another user. Avoid common names such as:
bug.vhd, test.zip, crash.v, error.tar.Z, etc...

All emails to address@hidden will create 
a new call that you can track independently. 
Each new call has a unique ID number. This ID number
will be sent in a seperate message.

To use email to add new information
to a call, you need to add a special keyword
on the Subject line of your email. Example:

        UPDATE: #### <optional text>
        where #### is the number of the Call Id you would like to update.
        To submit an update to an existing call to Synplicity 
        You do not need the leading zeroes in the call id #.

If you do not use the keyword on the subject line, your email
will create a new problem report. 

You will receive a second email that includes your call
ID tracking number. You may use this number when
responding with an UPDATE through email or 
when calling by telephone. This will help us 
more quickly locate your question.  

You can request status information
about your call 24 hours a day through 
our Synplicity Online Support at http://www.synplicity.com/support

Please read below to help us  better serve you.

Thank you for your request to Synplicity Email Customer
Support. This email is confirmation that your mail
regarding "I'm back!" 
has been received at Synplicity, Inc. 

An Applications Engineer will be reviewing your email.
To help us respond to you in a prompt manner, 
please take a moment to fill out the form below.
You may choose to save this form and use it
for future support issues.

Please complete the form below and send it to address@hidden
When responding about your Support issue,
please set the Subject line of your email message 
to: "UPDATE: #### I'm back!". 
Where #### is the Call Id you will receive in a second 
This will help us to respond efficiently to your message.

Thank you.
Synplicity Customer Support

email: address@hidden
Phone:  (408) 215-6000


Your Name:
Your Company:
Your Phone Number:
Your State(USA) or Country(outside USA):

=== Please answer the following, and include files where 
=== requested. 
=== This helps is to recreate the problem you are having.

The Language you are using(Verilog or VHDL):
The Technology you were mapping to(QuickLogic,Xilinx XC4000,etc):
The Version of our software(from the Help->About box):
The Platform(Sun,Hp,PC):
The Symptom (error message):
A Description of what you were doing:
Include the Log File(<your_design>.srr):
Include the Test Case(your design files in Verilog or Vhdl):
Include the Test Bench for Simulation(Verilog or VHDL):
Include the Project File(<your_design>.prj):

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