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COMMUNIQUE- Immediate Attention

From: mailroom
Subject: COMMUNIQUE- Immediate Attention
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 06:09:23 +0100 (CET)

COMMUNIQUÉ FRANÇAIS DISPONIBLE ICI                  If you have received this email by error let us know below


FROM:     Communique Distribution Center
DATE:      November 21, 2004

                REPERTOIRE de SUBVENTIONS 2005


* * *  COMMUNIQUE  * * *

  Newly revised, the most complete printed Repertories of Subsidies, Loans and Expert-assistance Programs available in Canada or the USA ever published, with 300 to 450 pages and containing Thousands of regularly updated programs, are now available for those seeking financial help. The Package-Suites includes a Colourful Electronic Version for your PC and an exceptional Update Service via the internet.

                    Over 15,000 Memberships in less then one year…see why


      INFO:  819-327-2962


The wonderful 2005 Publications are more then simple directories…they are the Research Tools by excellence because they allied the printed manual with the latest technology and avant-garde digital functions.

Now offered in three package deals, they each include: a Publication Printed on (98-W) quality paper, a twelve-month professional Update Service that keeps members instantly informed 24 Hours a day - 7 Days a week of new available programs and, a Digitized version of the manual presented as a full-colour eBookPro™ document for your PC.

In some cases, the price of the publication could be tax-deductible. A special French language Repertory is available for the province of Quebec. A brand new AmericanGrants version is also available.


It is now possible to get any package Suite by Cheque or Credit-Card

Directly from our SECURE Web-Store

 Information: (819) 327-2962 ext. 235


or www.OrientationUsa.us  


ISSN 1710-5382

ISSN 1710-5404

ISSN 1712-2619

Library & Archives Canada & USA

Quebec National Library





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