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Re: shell-script goofy indentation

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: shell-script goofy indentation
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 07:01:53 +0800

rms> I tried it, and the indentation did not change.  Is that a bug?

Well shouldn't the then and the else be at the same indentation?

Wait, more challenges, hit TAB on each line (which shouldn't change
anything, as I have already hit TAB there)
if a
    then b
elif c
    then g

The above makes more sense than the else case. However what really
"boils" me is when one hits TAB on the third line of
if e
    then h
the cursor is indeed now sitting right below the t of then,
but then enter the word else and hit TAB. It slides back to column 1.
Oh, I see, I have encountered different people's indenting styles and
not a bug. I see, I can do
(setq sh-indent-for-else sh-indent-for-then)
Looks good, but only on four-liners. OK, if I only write in the
multi-liner style, I won't feel as bad.

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